Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Art Matters Gallery

I am now showing my work in Art Matters Gallery, in the gorgeous Savoy Building on First St. in Salida, Colorado. Gloria Countryman has done a fabulous job in putting together a great space to show artwork, along with classroom space. Come see my new winter paintings Check out gallery here:

Friday, October 23, 2009

November Lowcountry Landscape Workshop with Susan Mayfield

Sat, Sun, and Monday November 14/15/16...9:00-3:30 each day

2 or 3 days(your choice) of Plein Air Painting in the Charleston, SC, area with instruction and critique.

Rain or case of inclement weather, arrangements will be made to paint in enclosed area. More info will be sent upon registration.

Happy Hour Meet-up, Friday, 13th, 5:30-7 at Eleanor Parker's house 642 Rue de Muckle (behind Bamboo off Simons, Mt. Pleasant)

________________________________________________________________ Cost:

2 days...190. 

3 days...270.

send check to: Susan Mayfield c/o Ed Hunnicutt 207 Ferryman Ln. Daniel Island, SC 29492


843 327-4193

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Paintings

"Monk with Pomegranates"

"Trail to Lost Lake"

"Back Alley, Salida"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Salida Art Walk, 2009
Come see my latest work at Sandusky Studios during the Salida Art Walk, June 26-28th.  There will be many events, demos, film screenings,  and more at Sandusky. I will be giving a pastel demo on Saturday, June 27th,  at 1:15  in the exhibit hall at Sandusky, 122 1/2 F. St., above Verdigris.. More info and detailed schedule of the weekend's events at these links:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Portrait Sketches


I am currently painting small pastel and oil portrait sketches, like the ones seen here...some are small, 6"x6, like"Lena", or larger, such as the 12"x12 pastel of "Smiling Girl". Prices start at $250 for a 6x6.  I do larger pieces, also if desired.

I can do these from photos, yours or mine, preferably from a photo with strong light source from the side, or backlit, and the face in shadow.  I use several photographs and combine the best elements of each.  Emailing me your photos would be the quickest and easiest way to proceed, but of course mailing them the old fashioned way works, too.

Contact me for more info:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sandusky Studios Opening Reception

I am now managing the Sandusky Studios project in Salida, which was conceived in January during the Inaugural Exhibit featuring Jimmy Descants' sculptural installations and my pastels and oils. The building worked out really well for the showing and making of artwork and we had a lot of interest from artists in Salida to make it available for studio/gallery partners of Milagro Design, LLC in January, 2009, decided to use the Sandusky as an art incubator for Salida, Colorado. What once was the empty upstairs of the historic building now serves as a space allowing artists to pursue their creative ambitions in an energized community of like-minded spirits. The long hallway with it's room-sized skylight creates a natural gallery space available to artists for exhibitions, movie showings, classrooms, and community art events.

The project is going well...all 10 studio spaces have been rented out, and artists are busy making things, work is being created...there are paintings, and assemblages on display in the gallery, movies will be shown starting this Sunday, March 15th, by Matthew Lyons Clark..
I am teaching workshops and classes in my studio, and we are scheduling events now for the spring and summer.

We had a very well attended opening last Friday night and will be doing this on a regular keep tuned in for announcements and dates of happenings....

Artists of Sandusky Studios

Ted Fish
Tara Gale
Susan Mayfield
William Boddy
Judith Hilmer
Cara Barone
Gloria Brown
Paulette Tilden
Matthew Lyons Clark
Julie Miller

Monday, January 19, 2009

Inaugural Exhibit

he Inaugural Ball Exhibit on Tuesday night drew hundreds of happy citizens to the Sandusky building to celebrate Barack Obama's inauguration. Festivities began early that evening and lasted into the night with happy revelers migrating between various parties around town. Many of the guests wore ball gowns, tuxedos, or other interesting party outfits assembled for this special occasion.

The upstairs of the Sandusky building was transformed into an exciting art venue, with rooms filled with Jimmy Descant's assemblages, Susan Mayfield's paintings, a video room put together by Matthew Clark who ran an endless loop of President Obama's Inauguration, and wonderful food artfully displayed and generously donated by Michelle Gapp. The positive energy flowed throughout the evening, and the combination of art, food, music, and the promise of a new era created an electric atmosphere of goodwill and fun for all..

Susan Mayfield

January 17, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Inauguration Exhibit with Rocketman

I am truly excited to be a part of Jimmy Descant's exhibit that will be held during President Obama's Inauguration. Jimmy is an artist nationally known for his sculptural "rockets", among other art objects he meticulously crafts. He has a passionate political voice that is powerfully expressed through his most recent work, sculptural installations that combine iconic, sometimes startling imagery with Jimmy's elegant craftmanship. I will have several paintings hanging alongside as counterpoints to these provocative pieces. Details below:

Art as Microscope on America, Past and Future.

By James E. Descant (Rocketman)
Represented by Culture Clash Gallery
In commemoration of the historical Inauguration of President Barack Obama,
2009, the first year of the 21st Century.

January 17 - 20 at 222 F St., Sandusky Bldg., above Verdigris
Salida, Colorado
Opening Reception Sat. 17 4 - 10 pm Sun. & Mon. 18 & 19, 4 - 6 pm
Inaugural Ball / Closing Reception Tues. 20, 6 - 10 pm

Special Guest Artist Susan Mayfield

~ All showings are free and open to the public!~
~ Discussion, discourse, and conversation
are allowed and encouraged~